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BRIX 340

BRIX is a scale known as Degrees Brix (symbol ºBx); the sugar content of an aqueous solution (wine).  340 is our address.



BRIX 340 has a large selection of white, red, sparkling, port and dessert wines on the menu for your tasting enjoyment.

We also sell wines by the bottle, off the menu and in our retail wine store. You can also order online and pick up at BRIX.

Our wine buying philosophy is to offer wines that are hard to find. We work hard with all our wine distributors to make this happen.  We carry wines from all over the world to provide you with a unique tasting experience.  We even invite you to build your own flight to experience customized wine tastings of your choosing.  There are no rules about how to drink wine at BRIX 340.  Explore!  Drink what you like!  Join our Wine Club here!



Not only does BRIX have an extensive selection of wine, they have over 100 whiskies offering some of the best Bourbons, Rye, Irish Whiskeys, and Single Malt Scotch's in the area! 

We even sell local Wisconsin craft beers by the bottle. 
Although BRIX may not be a full bar, our owner, Tony Koeck, always has a handful of craft cocktails available each month. Craft Mocktails available as well.



BRIX 340 offers a few select plates that pair well with your tasting experience including an authentic Wisconsin artisan cheese plate, assorted Italian meats, crackers, olives, gourmet mixed nuts, and chocolate truffles from Gail Ambrosius.

We host a number of unique events here at BRIX 340,
from live music every weekend, to wine tastings, wine bingo, whiskey tastings and more. 

BRIX 340 also offers private bookings with the opportunity to book our entire space for your next birthday party, retirement party, bridal showers and more. Space can hold 30 to 40 people.

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