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not just a wine bar

Our final business day will be Friday, September 23rd .

This is very bittersweet for both of us. In the past six years, we’ve established an extremely loyal customer base and have made so many new friends! We are forever grateful to be able to create this business experience with all of you.

It has been our pleasure to share our knowledge with you about wines, whiskeys and craft cocktails! We have also enjoyed hosting special events, especially wine tastings, BRIX Bingo, and our incredible line-up of talented musicians. Your enthusiasm and support have made our time with BRIX memorable!

The time has come to bid adieu!
We’ve so enjoyed spending time with you.

From wine to whiskeys,
cocktails to cheese,
Our primary goal
Has always been to please!

Cabernet, Chardonnay,
Merlot and Pinot.
Bourbon, Scotch,
And Snow-White Likes Chocolate!

TK’s Old Fashion,
And Fat Pig Manhattan.
All a labor of love,
Not to be forgotten!

Our thanks to our customers,
Who we hold near and dear.
Many new friends,
We’ve made the past six years!

So cheers to good friends
And wonderful memories.
Our bonds will hold fast
And know no boundaries!

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